New Honda 150R Sonic and All New CB150R Paver in Yogyakarta

After quite a long wait, finally the Astra Motor also acquired two mounts his latest sport to Yogyakarta. Namely, New Honda 150R Sonic and All New Honda CB150R Streetfire to Yogyakarta.

Both were to be introduced directly to the public, 5 September 2015 through event harga yamaha byson fi 2015 entitled Honda Speed Heroes Show 2015 at the Mandala Krida.

“Visitors who attend later could feel directly the performance of both this bike on the track that we provide,” said Ronaldo Widjaja, Region Head of Astra Motor of Yogyakarta when the press conference in Saungarlic, Sinduadi, Sleman, Thursday (3/9/2015).

Either Sonic or CB150R the latest generation has already provided berkubikasi 150 cc DOHC engine with a new array of features.

The all New CB150R will cope in a segment naked motorsport while New Sonic 150R will decline in the segment sport duck.


After 2015, the lebaran AHM tancap gas burners with preparing two new motor sport All New Honda CB150R and Sonic 150R.


After 2015, the lebaran AHM tancap gas burners with preparing two new motor sport All New Honda CB150R and Sonic 150R.

Even the latest news received merdeka, unknown if this motor would both released simultaneously on August 4.

The presence of both motor sport the latest Honda is indeed near. This is proven with the release of harga honda sonic 150r 2015 the second teaser video of this motor either on Youtube or social networking in the glass screen of national television.

Honda CB150R the latest version of 2015 would present itself in the form of naked sport that digadang-gadang will be the New Yamaha Vixion competitors Advance.

While the Honda Sonic 150R would present with the concept of the sport of duck with flow ayago (Rooster) that will be the challengers from the existence of the Suzuki Satria FU who now still pitch alone in the market.

Complete Surgical Excellence New Honda CBF190R; Is It Able To Rival Yamaha MT25. …..????

Complete surgical Excellence New Honda CBF190R, speaking of excellence new motorcycle manufacturer Honda is certainly not escape the comparison of motor his predecessor who was out first Yamaha MT25, on a new motor, gadang, gadang – from Honda is in the target market from rival Yamaha bias MT25, motorcycle from Honda is indeed in bekali many many features that the bias in the said superior ,

But is it capable of this bike harga yamaha mt 25 abs if on perbandingkan with Yamaha mengunggulinya bias, MT25 Motor manufacturer Honda is indeed a bit there are similarities with Yamaha the following advantages in MT25 have New Honda CBF190R;

The Hallmarks Of Honda CBF190R;

The latest model CB190 is indeed dazzling. Seabreg features such as gambot-sized tubeless tires 140 110 front back and front
full digital LCD speedometer,
LED stop lamp as well as a winker (sein) plus front suspension up side down
Body that looks fierce
OHC engine 190cc provided air cooler (water cooled),
atomizer fuel injection (PGM FI) plus the low friction technology
new CB/F190R spewing power of 11.7 KW or equivalent with a 15.6 HP @ 15Nm torque 8000RPM @ 7000RPM
Motor very suitable for Turing
The exhaust is not too long
Front brake rear brake discs are already using

That’s some advantages in the New Honda CBF150R range have advantage owned by mnotor but there is little in this machine with motor sayangkan CB/F 190R attached still ferociously with CB150R though. so if the advantages compared with Yamaha Motor CB190R MT25 is still lost in the engine section