Yamaha Thailand Preferred Compared To Indonesia?

Fino Blue Core 125 cc lovers new option, becoming a Yamaha in Thailand. Until now, Yamaha Indonesia haven’t got word from principal to be able to produce it in Indonesia. Does this mean that Thailand preferred compared to Indonesia.

“Each already have plans and concepts. So not true if Yamaha prefer Thailand compared http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2015/08/harga-honda-cb150r-facelift.html with Indonesia, “said Assistant General Manager Marketing YIMM, Mohammad Masykur, when contacted detikOto.

Then why Thailand is believed to be the first to introduce New Fino 125 cc Blue Core? “Yamaha Mio M3 first to Indonesia, Soul GT in Indonesia, MX King in Indonesia, as well as the Yamaha N-Max,” he said.

“And the fact that Indonesia and Thailand better Indonesia. Because if Thailand kan motornya reaching only 1-1.2 million units. While Indonesia had already reached 6-7 million units, “he added.

But would it be possible if New Fino 125 cc Blue Cores are manufactured in Indonesia, New Fino will join exported just as the other models of the Yamaha.

“If it is I don’t know yet, but the Yamaha models we currently export good kok. Like the Yamaha R25 existing 37,250 units throughout the world. Yamaha GT125 blue core, also we have ekpor to Thailand as much as 6,500 unit. In June and July of 700 units 800 units, “he added.


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