Yamaha Fz16 specs and prices of the latest FI

Yamaha Fz16 specs and prices of the latest FI
This latest fz16 FI official launching at a price of approximately 21 million. These prices seemed great for a fan motor with less macho reply given YIMM for the admirers of the motor bongsor fz16. Yamaha Fz16 current Injection it would very likely be the right choice as mounts daily.


Fz16 has this latest display FI more sip that there is indeed a connection with Yamaha Fazer motorcycle display FI released in bollywood of the country but only harga honda vario 150 baru the half fairing which exists in the Yamaha Fz16 FI injection.

In addition to the latest Machine Fz16 FI has a capacity of 150 cc engine which can give off considerable power about 13 ps at 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 12, 98 Nm at 6000 rpm. Yamaha Fz16 F1 2015 claimed makin gahar but consumes more fuel efficient with the staff as his blue core so that certain environmentally friendly.


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