Yamaha Scooter Launches Grand Indonesia Filano in PRJ

Yamaha Scooter Launches Grand Indonesia Filano in PRJ

Yamaha Motor Manufacturing Indonesia (YIMM) already ensure will sell its newest scooter Grand Filano. The plan of this scooter will be launched when the arena Pekan Raya Jakarta 2015 (May 29, 2015-5 July 2015).

Speaking of the Grand price not yet determined, Filano reportedly still undergoing calculations. Because of the exchange rate of the rupiah against the dollar harga yamaha mio m3 januari 2016 which is still unstable. That is certainly the Grand Filano price is above 125 cc scooter GT Soul (Rp15,1 million) and under N-MAX 155 cc (Rp27,4 million).
Scooter model Grand Filano is the least that will complement the range of model import YIMM, after R1, R6, T-MAX, and the WR250R. It could be the design renderings will be European-style. When sorted in ranks of the CBU (Completely Built Up) YIMM, this scooter will be the least expensive motors.

The position of the Grand price Filano is above 125 cc Yamaha scooters such as the GT Soul ($ 15.1 million) and Mio M3 ($ 13,98 million). But Masykur explains logically price Grand Filano under N-MAX 155 cc which dilego Rp 27.4 million.

Scooter Grand Filano would later compete with the Piaggio Liberty, i.e. 100 cc which dibanderol Rp19,2 million. Curious and interested in the latest CBU Yamaha Scooter, just wait when the PRJ shortly again.


Big Bike Honda Prices Unchanged Despite The Dollar Strengthened

Big Bike Honda Prices Unchanged Despite The Dollar Strengthened
The value of the rupiah continue to weaken over the u.s. dollar. This situation makes the motor vehicle sales decline.

hyosung gtr 250

Although the situation is difficult, the price of a big bike Honda increase has yet to be ascertained. It delivered Wiyarto Mulyono, corporate communication department harga honda vario 125 esp head PT Wahana Makmur Sejati as main dealer of Honda motorcycles Jakarta and Tangerang.

“The price will remain the same, even if there is a price change, we will announce,” he said when encountered Kapoww. com in the arena GIIAS 2015, ICE BSD City, Tangerang Selatan.

Until when the old price it will survive, he cannot be certain of that. “If the next two months or next year’s price will change as we don’t know yet,” he said.

As information, the Honda CB500F dibanderol Usd 125 million, CB500X Usd 135 million, CB650F Rp 235 million, CBR650F Rp 240 million, NM4 Vultus Rp 435 million, and the CBR1000RR Usd 575 million.

IIMS 2015, Yamaha Best-selling Selling N-Max

Two prestigious automotive exhibition, namely the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) and the Indonesia International Motor Show (IIMS) 2015, become the terrain of proof car and motorcycle sales for the automotive company. One PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), post a new variant in the two exhibitions.


In 2015, IIMS automatic scooter (Dodge) Yamaha N-Max best selling hunted visitors. According to Marketing Communication PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM) Ansari Kadir, N-Max becomes the new Prima Donna for harga yamaha nmax motorcycle consumer middle class to the top coming to the IIMS. “The rest of the fitting Coincidence with the visitors of this exhibition,” he told Tempo, Tuesday, August 25, 2015. (See Video: Gagahnya Leopard Tank at IIMS 2015, electric bicycle Rally Gear in IIMS 2015, SPG, from telephone numbers To Call Date)

Ansari said, ordering the Yamaha N-Max reached 70 percent of total sales YIMM IIMS in 2015. But he was reluctant to divulge sales figures. “What is clear, many who pay in cash. Just wait his statistics on visitors to the event, “he said. According to Ansari, the sale of N-Max at IIMS beat another seeded variants, such as Yamaha’s New V-Ixion Fz16 Advance, Fuel Injection, YZF-R15 and YZF-R25,.

Whereas in GIIAS held in Indonesia Convention Exhibition (ICE), BSD City, Tangerang, YIMM post big bike class, such as the Yamaha MT-01, MT-25, WR250R, and YZF-R6. In that exhibition, visitors can see the YZF-R1 MotoGP livery in booth NGK and T-MAX in booth 2015 MBTech.

Yamaha Thailand Preferred Compared To Indonesia?

Fino Blue Core 125 cc lovers new option, becoming a Yamaha in Thailand. Until now, Yamaha Indonesia haven’t got word from principal to be able to produce it in Indonesia. Does this mean that Thailand preferred compared to Indonesia.

“Each already have plans and concepts. So not true if Yamaha prefer Thailand compared http://motorcomcom.blogspot.com/2015/08/harga-honda-cb150r-facelift.html with Indonesia, “said Assistant General Manager Marketing YIMM, Mohammad Masykur, when contacted detikOto.

Then why Thailand is believed to be the first to introduce New Fino 125 cc Blue Core? “Yamaha Mio M3 first to Indonesia, Soul GT in Indonesia, MX King in Indonesia, as well as the Yamaha N-Max,” he said.

“And the fact that Indonesia and Thailand better Indonesia. Because if Thailand kan motornya reaching only 1-1.2 million units. While Indonesia had already reached 6-7 million units, “he added.

But would it be possible if New Fino 125 cc Blue Cores are manufactured in Indonesia, New Fino will join exported just as the other models of the Yamaha.

“If it is I don’t know yet, but the Yamaha models we currently export good kok. Like the Yamaha R25 existing 37,250 units throughout the world. Yamaha GT125 blue core, also we have ekpor to Thailand as much as 6,500 unit. In June and July of 700 units 800 units, “he added.

First Ride Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star, the Cute Nan Responsive


PT Indomobil Suzuki Sales some time ago has been presenting his new motorcycle i.e. Satria F115 Young Star. This bike is the underbone model with a rooster as his brother Satria F150.

The first impression when riding this bike feels cuter. The position of the handlebars that are harga honda vario 110 baru somewhat below and not too wide, comfortable to be gripped. Riding position reminds the brother Satria F150.

In the area there is the indicator panel type handlebars analog with white background, takes up a large portion of the speed of the pointer on the right side, while gasoline is pointing to his left.

In addition there are also indicator light indicator light, top gear, the indicator lamp indicator neutral, perseneling sein and indicator lights. It’s a shame there is no indicator of the position of the perseneling.

Grab the key and enter the home without a safety lock magnet. Press the starter and engine noise sounded crisp from the tip of the exhaust.

113 cc berpasokan engine injection that he was wearing exactly the same as that installed on the Shooter. Though without a clutch piston engines with a manual, 51 mm and stroke 55,4 mm includes responsive.

The machine responsive follow orders opening and closing of the gas. Any machine breath feels long. Perseneling displacement four-acceleration of his ever smooth and tender if stepped on.

Telescopic suspension in front of ayunannya feels a bit stiff, while the rear suspension models double as underbones, it seemed fitting to rider height 172 cm and weighs 64 kg.

Then how much fuel consumption, top speed and feeling with motor drive costing Rp16,5 million? Wait for more reviews for the complete Yes.

Buffalo Spec Kawasaki Suzuki Satria VS Pro Athlete F115 Young Star


Buffalo Spec Kawasaki Suzuki Satria VS Pro Athlete F115 Young Star
uzuki Satria F115 Young Star has recently been formally presented by the kehadapan public, the motorbike but this newer direct duck got resistance from Kawasaki through a Pro Athlete a few days afterwards. Specifically for Pro Athlete is itself a refreshment from the model Kawasaki Athlete ever.

From models that are both similar to, as well as with the engine, which used both, surely they will be harga yamaha soul gt 125 2014 competing for the same disegmen. Although the motorcycle segment type Duck (mopeds) are increasingly shrinking, anyway both are still interested to capture consumer disegmen.

Then who is the superior of the two when viewed through data specifications on paper? Here we will mengulasnya for you.

The design of the body both anyone refer to it as the model of the rooster, but the manufacturer called it the moped. This design issue certainly concerns the tastes of each person. If you want to perform a sporty Kawasaki Athlete could have a Pro, if you are young and want a performing style can choose Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star.

If seen, Kawasaki owned the Pro Athlete body appear more dashing in accordance with the philosophy of those who say this motor combines the comfort of a moped with a sense of motor sport. While the Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star looks smaller and lighter.

Dapurpadu sector for both are very different, even though the machine configuration used the same model of a typical bed type motorcycles duck small-capacity. Kawasaki Athlete Pro provided the machine has a capacity of pure 124,5 cc, single cylinder No 4. Are the Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star dimodali engine capacity of pure 113 cc, 4-stroke, single cylinder.

Surely any generated power output is different, Kawasaki Pro Athlete 6 horsepower diputaran 8000 rpm. While peak torque of diputaran Nm 9.2 6,200 rpm. Unfortunately the supply of fuel was still relying on the carburetor.

Being from Suzuki himself was not mempublish how much power and torque peaks which produced machine Satria F115 Young Star. But some say there’s a peak power diangka 9 horsepower and torque reaching 9.1 Nm, considering the specifications of a machine that used the same as 115 FI Shooter.

Regarding the completeness of the features of the Pro Athlete, Kawasaki arguably superior. Braking for example already rely on disc brake dikedua wheels, while the Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star only on the front wheels only.

Rear suspension, then whiz Kawasaki already rely on a single suspension aka monosok. While the whiz of Suzuki models still double as conventional duck motorcycle.

Position the fuel tank any both different, Kawasaki put it in the front of the layalnya motor sport. While Suzuki was behind the driver’s seat, so still have to come down from the motor when refueling.

With all the excellence and completeness, the brand’s second position in the applying different prices. Kawasaki membanderol Pro Athlete with numbers of Rp 17,1 million for area Jabodetabekser with choice of colors of green and orange only.

While the Suzuki Satria F115 labeled the Young Star with numbers Rp600 thousands cheaper, Rp16,5 million, with a selection of red and black. But Suzuki also presented a version of the Suzuki MotoGP livery with a price of Rp16,8 million.

Any options there are in the hands of you, if you prefer the sporty appearance of the with a touch of motor sport can choose Kawasaki Athlete Pro. However only two color Choices and the prices more expensive should willingly You redeem.

As for the young-at-heart and wants something really new, can drop the selection on the Suzuki Satria F115 Young Star. More color choices including MotoGP livery, and prices more affordable so the advantages

Yamaha Fz16 specs and prices of the latest FI

Yamaha Fz16 specs and prices of the latest FI
This latest fz16 FI official launching at a price of approximately 21 million. These prices seemed great for a fan motor with less macho reply given YIMM for the admirers of the motor bongsor fz16. Yamaha Fz16 current Injection it would very likely be the right choice as mounts daily.


Fz16 has this latest display FI more sip that there is indeed a connection with Yamaha Fazer motorcycle display FI released in bollywood of the country but only harga honda vario 150 baru the half fairing which exists in the Yamaha Fz16 FI injection.

In addition to the latest Machine Fz16 FI has a capacity of 150 cc engine which can give off considerable power about 13 ps at 8000 rpm and maximum torque of 12, 98 Nm at 6000 rpm. Yamaha Fz16 F1 2015 claimed makin gahar but consumes more fuel efficient with the staff as his blue core so that certain environmentally friendly.